Eco-friendly Presents – 1st November 2020

This week we will begin to look at eco-friendly presents for Christmas 2020. Christmas is the most wasteful time of year, the UK alone producing nearly 300million tonnes each year over the holiday period. Below are a few organisations that offer eco-friendly and waste reducing gifts that would help you do your part this Christmas.

Tree Aid:
This is an organisation that looks at helping the people and environment in Africa. Their ‘Gifts that Grow’ improve the lives of thousands, as you send a gift (from bicycles to beehives) ‘virtually’ on behalf of a friend or family member. These gifts are invaluable to families in Africa and with the gifts lasting a lifetime, cut down on waste significantly.
Why not take a look this year? Here is the link:

Oxfam Unwrapped:
Oxfam is a well-known charity improving the lives of millions over the years. They offer eco-friendly gifts in the form of gift cards. You can send all sorts (from seeds to an equal voice for women) across the world on behalf of your friends and family. The small and waste-free gifts really make a difference to families and the climate.
Here is the link to Oxfam Unwrapped:

The WWF offer a variety of gifts, from books to badges to bags, usually with an animal theme. All gifts are good quality, responsibly sourced and all money goes towards WWF’s greater goal – saving our animals and climate.
Here is the link to their shop:

Toilet Twinning:
Finally, you could opt to twin your toilet! For just £60 you can pair your toilet with one in a poorer nation that will be built using your funds. It may seem a funny gift but it will change the lives of families and you get a certificate for twinning your toilet! This option is also waste-reducing and eco-friendly.
Want to give it a look? Here is the link:

For a cleaner, more environmentally friendly Christmas, look at these options and keep an eye out for other tips!