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How do I arrange to have a Baptism in Church?

Congratulations! If you are reading this page, it probably means that you have recently become a parent. We are delighted for you; and hope that all goes well with you and your new family.

Baptism is about welcoming your baby, not only as the newest member of your family but also into the family of the Church. Of course, the difficulties of arranging such things as well as coping with all the changes that a baby brings can mean that by the time you get round to arranging it, your baby might not be quite so new! That doesn’t matter: God welcomes us at any age.

But if you do want to bring your baby for baptism, we’d be pleased to help. Please contact the Rector using the Contact Us page, and he will arrange to visit you, go through the Baptism service with you and arrange for when the service will take place. Baptisms ( sometimes referred to as Christening) are normally part of a main Sunday service, in your local Parish Church; but there are sometimes reasons for varying this practice, which you would want to discuss with the Rector.

How much does a Baptism in Church cost?

Baptism is a sign of God’s love, and we don’t charge a fee to proclaim this! Of course, donations to Church Funds are always welcome, but certainly not compulsory.

How do I arrange to get married in Church?

A marriage is one of the most special events in life; and we would be very proud to be involved in yours. If you live in the parish, or you have family associations here, we hope very much that we will be able to help make your big day special.  Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with the Rector to make arrangements for a meeting, to discuss your thoughts and begin to plan the service.

You may find this this link helpful – Your Church Wedding

How much does a Church Wedding Cost?

The fees for weddings are set each year by Parliament. The fees for this year can be found here.

Optional extras, such as the bells or an organist are also charged for.

Arranging a Funeral

If you are reading this section, please accept our sincere condolences on your loss. If we can possibly help at this difficult time, we will do so.

The usual starting point for arranging a funeral is to contact a local funeral director. He or she will then discuss the various options with you, and make contact with us to arrange a convenient time for a funeral service. This might be in one of the churches in our group, or at a crematorium, or at both. Anyone who has lived in the parish is entitled to a Christian funeral in their local parish church, and burial in the churchyard (in the West Allen valley) or cemetery (in Allendale).

The Rector will then contact you to arrange a visit in order to discuss what might happen at the funeral service itself.

The fee for conducting a funeral is set by Parliament, and payment is normally handled as part of the fee paid to the funeral director. You can see the statutory fee by following this link. In addition, we would normally make a charge for the services of an organist, and for heating the church if required.

There is some information which may be of some help on our Newcastle Diocese website.

Once again, please accept our condolences.

Where can I find old church and parish records?

All of the local parish records and registers have been lodged with the Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn. Contact details can be found by clicking here.