Eco Church Birthday, #show the love, Tynedale Transformed – 31st January 2021

A few things to you might like to read about and get involved with this week:

1. Eco Church was launched 5 years ago this week. Their initial target was to have 10% of churches (about 4,500) signed up in 10 years. They are over halfway there with a total of 3,100 churches already registered and over 1,000 awards being achieved.
More information is available here –

2. #showthelove is a campaign run by The Climate Coalition. Between the 1st and 21st of February we are being asked to use our voices to ask politicians to commit to building a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone. More information about how to get involved by making green hearts, and downloading a card to send to our MP, is available here –
We would love to have some green hearts to display in church if anyone would like to give it a go – there are some ideas for pom pom hearts in the action pack on the website.

3. Tynedale Transformed is a local organisation which is ‘about re-imagining a fairer and sustainable future and making it happen’. They are facilitating a debate on Saturday the 6th of February entitled Climate Crisis: Young People’s Perspectives on Their Future ( They are also holding a Climate Day on February 14th ( with different online events planned.