Ethical Shopping – 21st February 2021

How do you decide which companies to buy from? Have you ever thought about the impact that different companies have on the environment?
If you would like to find out more there are two excellent online shopping guides that have masses of information – Ethical Consumer ( and The Good Shopping Guide (
Ethical Consumer has a research database covering 40,000 companies, brands and products – everything from toilet paper to laptops and mobile phones. They provide shopping guides which help you identify the best option, based on ethical ratings covering 5 broad categories – animals, environment, people, politics and sustainability. A lot of the information is available free online, but there’s a small yearly subscription to view everything online and receive their magazine.
The Good Shopping Guide is a free online ethical comparison site, which again ranks companies against ethical criteria.
Both of these are really helpful sites for researching the impact of your spending and distinguishing between different companies on a wide range of issues that you might be concerned about.