Food Waste – 13th December 2020

Over the Christmas period, in the UK alone, £485 million of food are wasted. This is 30% of our annual volume! This includes 5 million Christmas puddings, 74 million mince pies and 2 million turkeys.

So how can we reduce our food waste?
Here are a few ideas on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas dinner:
1. Plan ahead – you need to make a shopping list and stick to it, then you can resist the urge to impulse buy and over buy.
2. Check use-by dates – one of the biggest issues over Christmas is food going off before it can be eaten, so make sure you check use-by dates to reduce the amount of food being throw out.
3. Use your freezer – there are usually a lot of left-overs after Christmas dinner, but instead of throwing them away, try freezing them. Just make sure the food is stored and sealed properly.
4. Give the food away – this is the simplest solution to food waste but not many people do it. It can be as easy as sending family and friends home with some left-overs.

If you want any further tips this website has lots of suggestions for Christmas and all year round!