Decorations – 29th November 2020

If you are starting to decorate your house for Christmas, here are a few eco-friendly suggestions:
• You could swap your incandescent lights for LEDs – if every household in the UK did this, we could save more than 29,000 tonnes of CO2.
• If you are looking to buy new decorations this year then it is best to look for designs made from brass, glass and wood. You could even make your own crafts using things like paper and twine.
• Candles are very festive, but the paraffin used is damaging to the environment. When buying candles this year, look for eco-friendly soy or beeswax options.
• The most sustainable decorations are family heirlooms or decorations used year after year – but decorations made from wildlife are also great! Why not go outside, gather some berries and leaves to create your own design?
These are great options to easily make your Christmas more eco-friendly. You can try any of them easily and have fun doing so!