Wrapping Paper – 22nd November 2020

This week, here are a few ideas about eco-friendly wrapping paper:
There are two main ways to ensure your wrapping paper is eco-friendly, firstly, you could opt for recycled brown paper (which is sold almost everywhere now). Secondly, you should avoid glitter at all costs, as mentioned last week, glitter is made from microplastics and very difficult to recycle.
If you are thinking of using brown paper this year here are a few ideas to make it more festive:
1. You could simply draw Christmas themed designs on the paper with bright pens, or buy stencils and create patterns.
2. You could use wool or ribbons to add accents to the paper.
3. You could cut out shapes or add 3D elements to add interest.
There are hundreds of other ideas online to make your recycled paper more interesting, in doing this you are reducing plastic waste and it is also a lot of fun!